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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Blackall Principal's Welcome
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Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. On behalf of our children, staff, parents and Parish Priest I extend a warm welcome to you and to your family. We hope that your time with us will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your family.

Our school was originally established by the Josephite Sisters in 1917 to serve families of the far west.  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School exists for the education of children from Kindergarten to Year Six. We are a co-educational facility serving the township and surrounding properties of Blackall.


Our school Mission Statement stresses the need for a partnership to be forged between parents and school. If we are to be effective in the education of your child, then we must encourage this cooperative teacher-parent relationship. Education and Catholic Education in particular, is a three-way process of communication involving teacher, child and parent.

At St Joseph’s we focus on providing a child-centered education that recognises and respects the needs and talents of each individual and encourages everyone to grow into the best possible version of themselves. There is a strong focus on providing challenging, engaging and relevant learning environments, to ensure that all who attend St Joseph’s experience success.


St Joseph’s is a Community of Faith nourished by daily Prayer, Eucharistic Celebration and respectful interaction with each other. In our school we focus on developing our school values of respect, responsibility, integrity, service and prayerfulness. Students who attend St Joseph’s will be encouraged to grow in reverence of one another and be supportive in the spirit of the community.


I look forward to sharing your child’s education journey with you.

Samantha Suthers


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