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A Personal Development Education Program is taught to all children from Prep to Year 6. This program is integrated into the other subjects and parents are informed each term of any sensitive topics being taught. Elements of the Personal Social Development Education is taught through the following curriculum areas:

  • Religious Education

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Science

  • Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum


In Years 5 and 6, there are specific connections to managing changes and transitions associated with puberty and the reproductive system, investigating ways to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing and knowledge about private body parts and body ownership. A member from the Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton Religious Education team presents these specific lessons, assisting the regular classroom teacher.  The content to be taught is taken from the current Diocesan Personal and Social Development Education program called “Continuing the Journey”. This program is implemented in all of the schools and colleges in our Diocese and is supported by the Diocesan Policy on ‘Personal and Social Development Education 2017’.

The Joeys' Way

The Joeys’ Way seeks to incorporate all aspects of the Religious Life of the School. The Religious Life of the School incorporates four areas - Religious Identity and Culture, Prayer and Worship, Evangelisation and Faith Formation and Social Action & Justice.  

At St Joseph’s, the Joeys’ Way is actively taught through specific lessons involving the School’s Identity and Culture, our 5 School Virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Prayerfulness and Service as well as aspects of the Making Jesus Real (MJR) program. Students also focus on their social and emotional development through Mindfulness and the Smiling Minds Curriculum.  

Our students aim to celebrate and live out ‘The Joeys’ Way’ through -

  • Celebrations of significant feast days relating to our school - St Joseph’s Day, Mary MacKillop’s feast day

  • Prayer assemblies and Liturgical celebrations i.e. Masses of specific Catholic events and Australian events

  • Special events - Mother’s Day breakfast, Father’s Day Cook Off, Grandparents Day


The Joeys’ Way is how we live out the Gospel Values, our School Virtues and our rich history in our daily lives

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