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Reconciliation Action Plan

We encourage all in reconciliation to deepen respectful understanding and genuine appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ways of knowing, histories, cultures and spiritualities.


It is the goal of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School’s Reconciliation Action Plan to articulate our commitment to living the spirit of reconciliation in action and words: knowing together, being with, being for, being active, valuing and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This will enable us to lead and model an approach to reconciliation which brings meaning for life.


Our RAP commits to reconciliation by:

  • Nurturing relationships by distilling, articulating, and committing to the common values that underpin true reconciliation: love, compassion, inclusion, integrity, empathy, honesty

  • Deepening respect by leading and implementing practices that ensure reconciliation lives and breathes in the fabric of our culture

  • Fostering opportunities to build deep understanding of our shared history in ways that can transform us and impact our entire community, enabling us to walk together into the future

  • Ensuring an approach to governance that esteems internal accountability, action, and reflections.


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School recognises each person’s inherent dignity, as created in God’s image. We recognise the right each individual has to learn in an environment where their cultural background and identity is recognised and celebrated.


Future teachers, nurses, doctors, police, lawyers and politicians are in our schools today. Culturally responsive and racially literate pedagogy is essential for a more equitable tomorrow. - Sharon Davis

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