St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Blackall Co-Curricular Activties




St Joseph's Blackall encourages the students to further develop their interests and talents through participation in a variety of co-curricular activities. These include:

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Blackall Sports Carnivals


Each year we hold Swimming and Athletics Carnivals for ALL Children. The emphasis is on participation rather than winning, although there is friendly competition between the MACKILLOP (Red) and PATRICK (Gold) teams. Children are allocated to a House on their enrolment.

Trophies are awarded for the best team and medals to the best girl and boy athletes in age groups from 9-13yrs. Mary MacKillop spirit awards are awarded to students who show great sportsmanship and encourage others throughout the day.



Students from St Joseph’s have the opportunity to participate in individual and team sport trials within the Central West.  The CW District Sport trial calendar runs throughout the year and provides opportunities for students to progress into North West teams and Queensland State teams. 


Current key sports in which students participate in are:  netball, swimming, rugby league, touch football and cricket.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Blackall District Sports Carnivals
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Blackall Camps and Excursions


Educational tours are encouraged by the school after instigation by individual teachers.


It is the usual practice that Grade 5/6 children will embark upon a camp during the year.


All educational tours have to be approved by the Principal with parental consent to be obtained. Costs will always be kept to a minimum and no child will be excluded from an excursion because of an inability to pay the costs.


A minimum of 1 adult per 15 children shall be needed to embark upon a tour. The accompanying teacher and Principal will ensure that there will be a mixture of both female and male adults on the tour and the number of parents required to attend.


All children and parents will be made aware of the expectations placed upon the children as preconditions of their participation on the trip.

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